segunda-feira, 10 de abril de 2017

10 MITOS acerca do ÁLCOOL nos jovens

1. Myth: Teen drinking is OK as long as they’re not driving.
2. Myth: All teens have an equal chance of becoming addicted to alcohol.
3.. Myth: Prom is a hotbed for teen drinking and debauchery.
4. Myth: Talk to your kids about drinking before they get their license.
5. Myth: Statistics will scare teens into not driving drunk.
6.Myth: A drunk driver is a drunk driver is a drunk driver.
7. Myth: Alcohol isn’t as bad for teens as other drugs.
8. Myth: It’s easy to sober up after long periods of drinking.
9. Myth: Teens are going to drive drunk; it’s inevitable.
10. Myth: Drinking is a rite of passage; parents can’t do anything to prevent it.

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